Compose stopped working

I just used Runbox 7 to compose an email. I wanted to compose another one, so I clicked compose, and all I get is “no drafts”. I tried refreshing, navigating away and back, etc., but suddenly the “compose” button will not let me compose a new email. I also tried “compose bug report” but that doesn’t work either.

I’m on Firefox 105.0.3 (Mac OS 10.16).

And now, going back to it, it says it’s in offline mode (finally) even though I’m sitting here on the forum and typing this with no internet difficulties.

Hi @gtf21 and thanks for your message – and apologies for the belated reply.

We have recently made several improvements to Compose that should resolve the issues you describe.

Please let us know if you continue experiencing problems!

– Geir

Configure your Runbox account in Apple Mail via IMAP. You’ll have a seamless email experience without needing the web-based client that is Runbox7.