Composing Emails with Aliases


I have created many aliases and I’m using the domains, for example, …, as they are synonymous to the domain.

I need to compose a message using that particular domain, let say, instead of

I’m using Thunderbird and it let me create like Identities where I put and it let me send the message with the From Address being that particular email address.

Is this something that the web app will have? When I’m composing a message, I see the aliases, but all of them have the domain.

Maybe adding a feature that the web app let us create identities or profiles in order to customize the From Address to be something like


Hi. Yes, we plan for the new web app to have “Identifies” that will allow a different email address and name attached to an account.

However, we do have this feature already in the existing webmail interface at which is called “Profiles”.

If you set up some profiles there, they will be available in Runbox 7 also. The plan is to make this more intuitive and not based on folders when we implement it in Runbox 7.

I hope that helps.


Thanks so much, now I see the alias with the domain I want.

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