Composing problem 2

Here is another issue related to “Compose process”: select a folder other than Inbox (mine is named ‘Provision’); open an email; click on the Reply icon; write the reply; send it. So far, so good; but then the area for the list of emails is blank, even though the Provision folder is highlighted and there are five messages in it.

I tried again with a message in Inbox and was left with the Drafts view, even though the Inbox folder on the left was highlighted.

Thanks for confirming this. We already have this issue in our system to look at. What you describe is exactly what we have seen in testing, and we will look at how to deal with this. Thanks again.

Do you have a formal bug tracking system? If so, do we have access to it? It would keep us from reporting known issues again.

We have our internal bug tracking system. What we will look at doing is providing a list of known issues that we have accepted as things that need to be looked at further.