Composing replies issue

When I hit reply, there is that small text on the top that says Message Text. (In fact it’s there when I compose new ones as well, which should be removed, as I’m in a text field and know I’m about to type. So why is it there at all?)

When replying, my cursor is not automatically placed at the top there, below the Message Text, and when I try to select that tiny white space between “Message Text” and the message I’m replying to, it puts my cursor to the bottom of the email. ???

This makes no sense to me. Just give me a bunch of blank white space above the original message. Why give me one line? Below unnecessary copy?

I would do something like this:

------------------------------ (top of message)
(blank space)
| cursor

– Signature –
– Original Message Text –

This way I don’t need to interact with that “Message Text” title at all. The Message Text should automatically show up below anything I need to write and not get in my way. It’s an erroneous and unnecessary peace of copy on new composed messages entirely. I’d get rid of it in the compose new instance entirely.

Thanks for your comments on this. I am sure improvements can be made and we will look in to this further. Thank you.

I agree with this complaint. In fact, I find replying to be confusing compared to the original runbox software.

The layout on Compose has now been improved – have a look!

– Geir

This regards “Reply All”, with many email addresses. 1) When the reply screen displays, the cursor is not visible, so where do you start typing? 2) With many email addresses, they are shown on top of the Subject and Text areas of the Reply screen, obscuring those areas.

  1. I can’t reproduce this issue in Firefox – which browser are you using, please?

  2. The issue with overlapping recipient addresses has been fixed recently.

– Geir