Configure spam threshold?

I’m getting quite a bit of spam coming through to my Runbox account. Often it has a score higher than 3, but the threshold is 5. Is there a way I can lower the spam threshold for my account down to 3?

Hello @jeremy.morton and welcome to the forum.

You can do something similar to changing your spam threshold with filters. If you look at the spam headers you will see a line that says:

X-Spam-Level: ******

The number of asterisks is the whole number (integer) value of the spam score. The example above is from a message that scored 6.5

You can set up a filter under Manager > Filter to move messages that score a certain amount to the spam folder. So in your case you would set up a filter with the following values.

Messages where [Header] [contains] [X-Spam-Level: ***] will be [saved to folder] [Spam]

Give the filter an “order” value of -5 (minus 5) as this places it before the regular spam filter which is at position -2.

I hope that helps.

Thanks, I’ll try that.