Contacts and calendar on Android phones


I am considering starting to use Runbox but I have a question about something that is not clear to me.
I need to (also) use it on my Android phone.
It is essential for me that Runbox will provide both calendar and contacts that can be set as default calendar and contacts on my phone.
Doing a lot of searches on the matter, it seems to me that Runbox has been very slow at adapting things like webdav, cardav etc., taking years to implement them.

To this moment it’s not clear to me if Runbox now has this covered properly, and if it will fully support calender and contacts functions on Android phones. (as other email services such as Proton and Tutanote do)

Any insights?

Runbox supports both CalDAV and CardDAV. On Android you can use the app “DAVx5” to sync your calendar and contacts to your phone:

Runbox doesn’t currently support WebDAV to sync your Runbox files.