Copy "from" email to clipboard + option to Add to Rule

I would like the ability to copy the email sender information to the clipboard (new) as well as the option to add to the contact list. The purpose would be to be able to paste this information into the rules field, but would likely have other uses for customers.

Along these lines, perhaps an Add to Rule button. This would give you the ability to quickly add a message to one of your existing rules instead of having to open filtering and creating a new rule.

Yeah, agree… Totally.

@ smithmb001, hey dude you can already copy to the clipboard just like you can copy most any text in any application. Just highlight the sender email (I just clicked on it, but you may have to drag the mouse), then press ctrl+c or right click the mouse and choose copy. And voila it’s in your clipboard. You can then just create a new contact and paste in the email. Better than adding to the bloatware that RB7 is heading towards becoming. One caveat - copied email address seems to have a leading space, not sure if this will cause a problem or not - I just deleted it. @Dave and @Geir you might want to look at this.

John - Most of the time I try to highlight the email address in the from field it opens up the create new contact. What you described is what I am doing now. The emails I am dealing with are advertisements, political, ect. and I want them out of my Inbox. It’s not that I don’t want these emails, I just want to filter them into a specific folder(s) where I can easily delete them all or scan them for relevance, read, and then delete. I’ve been building filter rules to manage more of my non-personal email.

@ smithmb001, maybe I misread your message, I’m a bit dislexic (is that the right way to spell dislexic?). Anyway interesting you say “I try to highlight the email address in the from field it opens up the create new contact”. It doesn’t do that for me - such are the mysteries of software! :thinking: