Current POP outage

When were you thinking of actually giving us an update on this? As usual it’s been several hours now and you’ve told us nothing.

Hello. Please see the updated we posted here:

Thank you.

Unfortunately the layout of the service status web page can be construed as misleading, for example on the recent update appears to be for issues on ‘02-Nov-2022’ - it’s only when you click into the link that it’s found that you’ve bulked what are seemingly separate incidents under the one banner. Perhaps if you could update the ‘Posted date’ to be of the most recent incident instead of the date of the original incident, or even a range of dates that cover the post?

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Thanks for the suggestions @FredOnline.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to display the “published” timestamp as a range in WordPress, nor show the last updated timestamp on the blog page (which the front page of effectively is).

Since these aren’t actually separate incidents but rather a series caused by the same underlying issue(s) we think it would be impractical and cumbersome for both our staff and our visitors if we were to publish individual posts referring back to the previous one, especially for a larger number of updates (14 in this case).

As can be seen on the current version of, the most recent post shows the last updated timestamp in the included excerpt, so this could be a way to ensure visitors are aware that there are recent updates to an incident.

– Geir