Date and Size columns missing values for new messages [#708]

New messages that are added are missing values for the Date and Size columns. Date is blank, and Size displays “undefined”. I haven’t seen anyone else report this.

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This is a known but inconsistent issue which we are investigating. If you notice any pattern in when it occurs, please let us know.

  • Geir

+1 I’m seeing this sporadically as well. I don’t see a pattern yet, except that if I leave RB7 for a little bit and a new email comes in, without me refreshing the window, it shows up as TheDigitalOrchard mentions.

Thanks for the feedback. Any further reports or details are appreciated while we continue debugging this issue.

Hi Geir, thanks for responding – BTW, would you consider adding a changelog thread here to the forum? So that we know when a new version is posted and what was addressed? Will help streamline the beta testers’ involvement so we can help you better.

There are almost too many changes to post efficiently, but I of course agree and we will try to find a way to make the change/commit log available.

  • Geir