Deleted emails not staying deleted. Or moved

I see this has been an open issue for a while. I cannot successfully keep deleted items deleted. They seem to delete, but choosing another folder and returning to the one with the deleted mails, they are baaaack. This has backed up thousands of emails in one folder and I can’t get rid of them. There are so many, using RB6 to kill them all is a problem, since I can only select one screen of them at a time.

I also tried creating a separate folder, moving messages to that one, but they show back up in the original folder.

This happens with the local index sync on and off.


Hi @TGFL and welcome to the community!

The problem you are describing may be related to email that has been imported via IMAP, and if this is the case we can most likely correct the problem easily.

Could you contact Runbox Support and provide your username so that our technicians can investigate the issue?

Thank you!

– Geir

Done. Ticket submitted. Thanks.