Deleting folders

I’m using RB6 until some of the more annoying issues with 7 are resolved. I accidentally put a new folder inside another folder and I see no way to delete it or move it out. It is empty.

I just created a test folder within another folder in RB6, then deleted it without any problem.

I did this by clicking on the words “Folder Management” in the left hand column of the Webmail page, then selected the folder I wanted the new folder to go into. Then created the new folder.

Then I selected the folder that I had just created, and deleted it without problem.

I just had a quick experiment and I was able to delete a subfolder in rb7

The three dots to the right of the folder name give the folder actions of: rename, new subfolder, delete.

I was able to delete the subfolder I had created.

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I didn’t realize Folder Management was a link. I deleted the folder. Thanks.

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Thanks, but I’m using 6 right now. I’ll remember the dots when I go back to 7.