Deleting messages UX improvement request

Some UX improvement suggestions to deletion of messages:

When clicking on an email, it opens preview pane.

  1. Allow use of ‘delete’ key to delete the message. As well as mousing clicking trash can icon.
  2. Automatically select and load next message in preview pane

So, if I have 10 unread messages I wish to look at and then delete, currently I have to click on each, and then click the trash can icon in each. Each time the preview pane slowly pops open, load messages, and then closes after hitting delete.

Please compare this with alternative webmail client (e.g. RoundCubeMail), where one just opens the first message, press delete key, next message automatically presented, press delete key, next message automatically presented, press delete key … A far cleaner, simpler, easier UX, with far less clicking around.

Next, mass deletion of messages:-

  1. Ability to select a range messages, e.g. click first, ctrl or shift click last to select all in between. Currently I have to tick the check box of every message I want to delete, a right PITA.
  2. Upon clicking a message, the preview pane (in vertical arrangement mode) often opens over the selected message. This makes it hassle to then click another message beside it. Consider scrolling the message list to keep the selected message open in the preview pan on display.

On plus side, at least some of the index slowness issues are getting better and deleted message don’t hang around on the UI anymore.



Generally speaking these sound like good improvements we could make that would make the web app easier and less tiring to use. The issue around deleting a message and opening the next one has been raised before.

I would personally like to see it do this intelligently so that it is aware in which order you are reading and deleting mail. It’s hard to explain in words but I’ve seen some email apps that become aware you want to delete messages in a different order if you click on a different one to the one it automatically highlights after deleting a message. It then becomes aware that the next one you might want could be the one above rather than below (if you see what I mean).

If/when we implement keyboard based features this would be nice, yes. However, you’ve probably not tried clicking on a message check box and dragging the mouse with the mouse button held down? This is a very quick way to select multiple messages :slight_smile: