Delivered-To header not added to incoming mail

I’m trying to add a filter so that messages that are sent to a specific domain will land in a specific folder. (Note that this is not necessarily the same as the “To” header, which can be a different address to the RCPT TO address in the SMTP envelope.)

Normally I would expect the “Delivered-To” header (or another header like “X-Original-To” or similar) to be added by the receiving service (Runbox, in this case), but while the filtering system does allow for filtering by this header, Runbox doesn’t seem to add it to incoming mail. Is this a planned feature?

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Yes, we want to get this header included and have requested it from our system administrators. It’s unfortunately not a high priority issue for us and is rarely requested by customers. We do hope to get it include though because as you say the option to filter on it exists in our interface. Thank you.

Thank you!

In my case, my use case is that I have two domains pointing at my Runbox account, but I also subscribe to various mailing lists. In most cases like this, the “To” field is the address of the mailing list itself, which is why “Delivered-To” would be a good thing for me.

Thanks so much for the response - I appreciate it!

You may be able to filter on other header contents using the “Header” option. For example, somewhere in the headers it will say “for” and then the address the mailing list sent it to.