Development costs

I wonder what end costs will reach the developement of Runbox7. This will be most probably passed over to customers in the form of subscription fee increase.

If subscription fee increase is planed, I think the users should be informed on this before the developement of RB7 started. Thank you.

Hello and thanks for your message.

We have no intention of increasing the Runbox subscription rates, which basically haven’t changed since 2006 (with the exception of adding new price plans, typically increasing their quotas, and offering substantial discounts).

On the contrary, we are financing the Runbox 7 project (and other ongoing projects) by investing the majority of our profits straight back into software development. The Runbox 7 development project also receives funding from The Norwegian Research Council in the form of tax reimbursements.

Our goal with Runbox 7 is simply to develop innovative email services that bring increased satisfaction and value to our customers, making you so happy that you will recommend Runbox to others and hopefully help us grow further. :smiley:

– Geir

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Hei Geir,
thank you for reply and for the explanation.

As I’m a satisfied customer I promote Runbox whenever is an appropriate opportunity to do so.

Best regards


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