I really like Runbox 7’s speed and its fresh esthetic, BUT I find myself reverting to Runbox 6 more often than not because, frankly, Runbox 7 seems more oriented to cell phone use than desktop or laptop computers. Since I don’t use anything else --don’t even own a phone-- it can be annoying sometimes.

Runbox 7, unlike its predecessor, always presents me with all three panes, which I have to readjust every time, in order to facilitate a more comfortable and efficient view on my laptop screen. That’s one reason I frequently find myself reverting to Runbox 6 and its more conventional layout. It would be nice if Runbox 7 would remember my settings.

The other reason is that Runbox 7 does not display my photo attachments fully within the message, as does Runbox 6. It was kinda nice knowing exactly what your recipient would see upon receiving something and I’m sure they appreciated being saved a step as well. Displaying it as an attachment icon/thumbnail at the bottom of the message is a bit of a step backwards, I think. Possible to change this?

I’ve been a runbox user for a long time and am otherwise very satisfied. Just wanted to throw in my two cents, as there may be other dinosaurs out there with the same minor complaints.

P.S. Oh, yeah. It’d be nice to have that ‘Refresh’ button in Runbox 7 as well. It’s probably redundant really, but is/was a great placebo nevertheless.

Hello @randallhale

Thanks for joining the forum. Dinosaurs are welcome too, but I am sure you have mislabelled yourself there :slight_smile:

It’s interesting that you say it seems more orientated to mobile phone use because although we have aimed to make it more mobile friendly it actually gets far more testing on desktops and laptops I would imagine.

The issue of the page layout not being retained is a known one and something we are looking at so that it remembers it on a per browser basis. So hopefully we can get that fixed eventually.

Displaying photo attachments might not be something that has been raised before, so what I’ve done is created a public issue for this on our GitHub page which you can see below. That will now be considered as an enhancement (although I’ve deliberately framed the request as a loss of a feature from Runbox 6).

Yes, the refresh button should be redundant really as the interface now automatically updates when new messages are received. However, you do have a point about it having a use if you want to be sure new messages are not waiting. I’ll discuss that with my colleagues to see what they think.

Thanks for the kind words about Runbox, it’s great to read you are satisfied with our service. Hopefully we can make Runbox 7 something you are happy to use also.

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What I miss with runbox is the dark mode .Really wery few email services have a dark mode. If you write much email then a dark mode would be wery nice. Of course there are apps I can implement that darkens my screen ,but that is not paired with the speed of runbox and it may damage the computer. I think a darkmode would be a wery nice for runbox users.

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