Disable synchronize index popup


Is there a way to permanently disable this popup? Every time I log in to Runbox 7 on any device, this appears and I have to click “x” (no) once again. Why won’t it remember this preference?

The popup: “Welcome to Runbox 7! Runbox 7 will now synchronize with your device to give you an optimal webmail experience. If you’d later like to remove the data from your device, use the synchronization controls at the bottom of the folder pane.”

I understand that once it’s enabled, it can be disabled in the lower left corner. But I don’t want it to ever synchronize in the first place.



Thanks for your message.

At the moment this isn’t a user preference that is stored in your account. It should only appear once on any device though unless you are clearing your cache each time you log out or close the browser?

Hi Dave - Yes, I am clearing my cache each time I close the browser.