Disappointed with Identities - Improvement possible?

I’m disappointed with the functionality of Identities as those work only in webmail 7. I try to explain as it is a bit twisted.

I use exclusively email clients on my Apple devices and in Apple Mail for Mac it is possible to add to each email address an individual name, so the Runbox identities are irrelevant.
In Apple Mail for iOS devices it is possible to add only one name. To avoid confusions on recipient side I left the name field in my settings blank, so the recipient sees purely the email address.

I was expecting that Runbox Identities will go deeper into the mailing system and will decorate each sent email with the Identities names set in Runbox 7. Not true, only the emails sent from webmail have this feature.

I have no idea how it is the situation in Android, but maybe some improvement is possible to help Apple devices users… without pointing the finger to Apple.

Hello Vlado and welcome to the forum.

The webmail is separate from how you send an email with an app such as on an computer or mobile device. The identities feature does have some effect on sending mail from other devices as it checks the from address to check that you are authorised to send email from that address. This is a security feature to prevent abuse of our system.

However, it can’t work out what the name should be as some people have many different names used with the same email address (rather than different names and different addresses). It would purely be a guess in many cases. Perhaps in your case each alias has a unique name so from your point of view I see why this would be a useful feature.

You are right, you can’t add a different name on iOS because iOS only support aliases and not identities. This is a shortcoming of iOS not the Runbox 7 system. Hopefully Apple will address this at some point as I also use aliases on iOS devices.

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Thank you Dave,
and let’s hope that Apple will improve one day the iOS mail client in own initiative as I heard that they are very resistant on new features requests.

I’m not sure if I’m following, but in macOS and iOS, you can set up any number of “accounts” that all point to the same account in Runbox, but on the mac/iOS side of things, you can specify different names. When using an email client, it’s the name registered on the client side that is used when delivery messages, not the name set up in Runbox. This is separate from the “aliases” feature that “Mac Mail” also provides.

Am I off-track with understanding this discussion?

Hi, what you say is valid only for Mac. In iOS you can enter many email addresses but just one name is possible.
So, when you set in iOS Mail the name TheDigitalOrchard and you have 3 addresses and send from each address one email to one recipient he will receive 3 emails from TheDigitalOrchard although behind the name is every time a different email address.
Confusing like ■■■■!
One not so nice solution is to leave in iOS Mail the name field empty and the recipient will see only the email address and no name.