Does not save drafts correctly

Sometimes the automatic saving works and sometimes it does not. I have clicked the save icon and also see the check mark in front of the cloud icon but my draft was only partially saved. It seems to save prior versions but not the current version.

Apologies for the belated reply.

If this is still happening, could you provide us with the browser and OS version you’re running?

Also, if it is still happening, could you have a look at the web console in Developer Tools and report any errors you see that might relate to this?


– Geir

I experienced the same problem This was painful! I started to type a message and clicked off the draft to someplace else.I don’t recall where. Up until this instance, RB7 would save my draft as I left it. This time, the excerpt in the drafts section showed part of my message, but when I opened the message to continue, I saw only the first text I had typed and deleted! This is not good.

With the current RB I trained myself to save drafts. I guess I will do the same with RB7 and not trust it to save automatically.

Latest Firefox & OS X