Domain renewal fix?



I have my main domain hosted with runbox, but have been unable to renew it for a time, as the form don’t currently work. I have sent you a mail end om last year, and you assured me that my domain would not be deleted, even though the “domain status” says expired.

I’m still a little bit worried that 6 mounts later, nothing have happen. I am very worried that I might lose my domain. That would have seriously economically consequences for me.

Are there any ETA on fixing the domain hosting page? I would very much like to renew all my domains properly.


Hi. I’ve found your ticket in our support system and I am going to contact you that way so that we can talk about the domain and account details without making them public here. The domain isn’t expired despite what you see in your Runbox account, and we made sure it wouldn’t expire as promised.

Just by way of a conclusion/explanation for this topic here, I believe the issue is caused by a certain TLD type not being handled by our usual domain partner (Enom) and so we handle these domains differently. I believe I had a workaround for this though.