Double spacing

When I compose a new email or reply to an email, whenever I press enter to get to the next line, there is so much space. It looks like a double space. So I tend to leave it alone thinking it looks fine. Because it looks worse if I hit enter twice. When I look at the email later in Thunderbird or whatever, that is when I see that it was really a single space and looks bad.

It only happens when I am in HTML mode. Otherwise, it composes properly. Is there a reason for this? It looks horrible when composing.

Hi @nathaniel and thanks for your message!

The double line spacing when using Enter in HTML mode occurs because this is the default behavior in HTML where Enter is converted into a paragraph break.

To insert a single line break, you can use Shift + Enter instead of just Enter.

There might be ways we can improve on this, but I hope the above helps in the meantime. :slight_smile:

– Geir

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