Drafts not always deleting

I just sent an email, composed and sent entirely within webmail. I had to save it as a draft and work on it later.

I came back and finished it with no apparent problem. But then I happened to click the Drafts folder, only to see that a copy of the email still appeared to remain. I clicked to different folders, hoping to trigger a refresh, but every time I went back to Drafts, the phantom message was still there.

Here’s where it gets weirder: I then opened Thunderbird, where my account is configured via IMAP. It showed nothing in the Drafts folder, as I would expect.

I decided to switch back to RB6, to see how it reported the Drafts folder (empty). And when I switched back to RB7, the phantom draft was finally gone. Does RB7 handle drafts differently as compared to other access methods?


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Hi @wmrbf,

Thanks for reporting this problem – I have reproduced it and repurposed this issue describing it with a reference to your post: https://github.com/runbox/runbox7/issues/58

– Geir

Thanks, @Geir!

I have another issue and I’m not sure it’s related, but I mention it here because it seems like it might be relevant: I can now see one of those phantom drafts in the Draft Desk on the Compose screen, without even clicking on Drafts. See the following screenshot:

I don’t recall that happening before.

Hi @Geir,

Just bumping this, because I wasn’t sure if you’d seen my followup after your reply.


@wmrbf Sorry for the late reply.

Do you mean that a blank draft appears when you click Compose? Or did it appear on the Draft Desk without clicking anything?

– Geir

Hi @Geir,

What I mean is that when I click Compose, messages in the Draft Desk automatically appear beneath the compose window, which is made shorter to accommodate them. The draft in the screenshot I provided isn’t blank – it was redacted before posting.

The Draft Desk is a nice feature, but it should only appear when I click on it. At least, that’s how I hope it’s intended to work.