Duplicate inbox emails / Messages in folders disappearing

Weird behavior in Inbox/Folder view only when using the search index.
The issue is similar to the one described at https://forum.runbox.com/showthread.php?tid=32 but not exactly the same.

Everything seems to be working fine until I click on “Synchronize index with your device”. Once the index is ready I see the following
[]Most of the emails in the inbox are duplicated. Those that are not, they are duplicated once I click on them
]Inside sub-folders, each email I click on disappears from the list.
Using Firefox 58.0.2 (64-bit). I’ve tried to clean everything under history/caches and recreate the index but it did not work

I no longer see this issue, sorry for any confusion caused. But the other 2 remain (duplicating when clicking in Inbox message, disappearing when clicking in folder/sub-folder message)

Getting back with more details (hopefully). All of the below occur when I’m using a search index.

The messages are now again duplicated (same Firefox but on Xubuntu, previous post I was on Windows). More specifically messages starting from 2018-01-30 to 2018-02-19. Clicking on already duplicated messages does not cause another duplication.
Clicking on messages older than 1 month (older than 2018-01-20) do not get duplicated.
Messages between 2018-01-20 and 2018-01-30 are getting duplicated.
Not sure if there’s a pattern in there.

This is probably related to the issue described here: https://forum.runbox.com/showthread.php?tid=58

  • Geir