Editable Subject line

It would be very useful to have the possibility to edit the Subject line at least in emails stored in Archive folder.
The reason is to have an better overview as some emails have a very long subject or this is not related to the real subject of the email or simply not fit the taste of archive owner. Thank you

Hm, maybe it would help more if there was some custom status text for single messages (“A states that water is red -> TODO: find counter-proof and send to A,B”) possible. (TODO information would help myself)
You posted that under Webmail tag - but maybe you can find an local mail client (/extension) which does this task?

It could be saved in a RFC header field, maybe “Comments:” (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5322#section-3.6.6) - then the mail client just has to be instructed also to use Comments: field.

Hi pjb,
sorry, but I didn’t understand completely the instructions in your reply except that I should use another mail client… a bit weird request!
I use on many devices exclusively Apple Mail and I do not intend to replace those clients.
I posted my proposal in the webmail chapter because if the subject editing is made on server this is synced to client. This is my explanation how can be this done, yours is how to not.

Ah, you didn’t tell that you are using Apple Mail. So you are actually rewriting Subject lines - with AppleScript? (https://apple.stackexchange.com/a/72142)
I’m suprised about the scripting facility (I’m not an Apple user).

As clarification: the "Comment: " header field actually gets synced via IMAP. exactly as the "Subject: " header field does.

The difference is that the "Comment: " Header is not easily visible in Webmail, so I suggest to enable such a facility in Webmail. I personally prefer to keep the Subject line intact as it is one very constitutive attribute of a message. And I wonder what you do when you Reply/Forward such a "Subject: " field modified message - have people been puzzled so far?

I’m not rewriting the Subject lines as I don’t know to use Apple Scripts or any other tool to do this. Also I wouldn’t reply an email with previously modified Subject line as this is not make sense. As mentioned I want to do this only in Archived folders to have a better overview.

But reading other users postings here, I changed my mind and I wont nothing!