Email Bandwidth Limit


Is the bandwidth limit of 10GB per week per account? Are main account’s or sub-accounts’ limit the same? 10GB per account per week regardless of type of account.

Bandwidth Usage

The bandwidth quota restricts how much email your account can receive, relay, and deliver, and is separate from your storage quota. This means that all transfer of data to and from your account is measured, specifically:

  • Web: Messages sent from your Runbox account, and attachments downloaded and uploaded via your browser.
  • POP/IMAP: Messages downloaded to your client.
  • SMTP:
    • Incoming: Messages received to your Runbox account from other email addresses.
    • Outgoing: Messages sent from your client to other email addresses.

The bandwidth quota for subscriptions is 10 GB per week , while the quota for trial accounts is 250 MB per week.


Yes, the quota is per week per account. Main and Sub-accounts get their own quotas.

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You dont have to worry much about the bandwith data any more as we do not track it for IMAP any more.

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