Email domain setup


I have added my domain to Runbox, added the MX and SPF records to my domain host and also created some aliases for the addresses I want to use at my domain.

Is an alias the proper way to do that? Is it the case that once the MX records are set on the domain then all mail sent to that domain will go to Runbox and an alias is the equivalent of an email account on my personal domain?

When you create an alias, you can also send from that e-mail address. If you want all your mail to go to your Runbox, be sure to check/tick the ‘Catch all’ box in Email Hosting.

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Runbox is my main personal email account. I have many others for different things.

My intention is to have 3 aliases or so, one for official things with my full name, others with ny first name or nickname for friends and I may even move all my many forum email addresses to the domain too at some point in the future.

I just tested sending to an address for which I didn’t set up an alias and received an "The response from the remote server was:

550 Unknown account" which is what I wanted.

As for sending from the alias, it just means the recipient sees the alias but the replies will still end up in my main Runbox inbox which is why they are aliases and not real accounts I assume.

I mostly use Thunderbird for emaling but check and empty spam in the webmail client.

Here’s what I do for what it’s worth. My situation is similar to yours. Everything goes into the runbox account. I’ve add the catchall option to make sure everything goes into the runbox account. Then I use the Runbox server to filter messages to my various aliases which are each in a subfolder of Runbox’s inbox. I’ve setup identities in my local email program (Essential Pim but Thunderbird should be about the same) corresponding to my aliases. So, all the corresponders see is the alias info. Aliases email address, return address and signature if different. Everything to each alias goes to the appropriate folder, from the Runbox server filters.