Employees at Runbox

It is great that Runbox has co-ownership by employees. It’s one of the things that made me choose to have my email with you. I assume the company also employs people who are not co-owners. Is that right? Either way, does Runbox have a trade union that it recognises as representing its staff? Look forward to the information. Thanks for the great service!

EDIT: I should have said I am asking this partly out of interest as a Runbox user but also as an academic doing research on digital alternatives, amongst other things, and am asking other email provider companies offering alternatives to big tech the same sorts of questions.

@lukemb64 Thanks for the interesting question.

Runbox is a fairly small company. All employees are co-owners of the business and part of the business management team. Other work is carried out by partner companies and individuals who are not employees and have their own employment arrangements. You can see more about our team here: The Runbox Team - Runbox


Thanks for taking the time to let me know! I’m doing a small survey as part of my research. Runbox is certainly very distinctive, in a good way, with the co-ownership. As far as I can see so far only providers like Disroot, Riseup and Autistici have collective setups and in their cases more informal I think. People are very interested in privacy, customer service etc when it comes to tech companies but I think these other aspects are interesting and important. If I manage to get some results together I’ll report back. Thanks again for the very helpful reply.

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If Liz T. would like to remain anonymous, change the name of the board member as well.

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