Emptied Trash in Thunderbird, but webmail still shows a message count of 2

I have already tried toggling index synchronization and logging out and back in. Not a showstopper, but definitely annoying.

I’ve noticed in RB6 there is a time lag (can be a few minutes) before the webmail updates any change made in Thunderbird, this may be the same in RB7.

Refreshing the page should sort it, Trash isn’t in the index so that won’t affect it.

Welcome, @castaway!

Unfortunately, refreshing, whether a standard refresh, or whether I hold down the Shift key and refresh (bypassing cache), doesn’t seem to make a difference. Very odd indeed.


I think you’re onto something there! I noticed that, even just within RB7 itself, there are delays with message status changes. I took one of the two messages I had in my Trash and marked it unread. There was no apparent change. Because of this, I thought I had done it wrong!

But several minutes later, the message was again listed in bold print, and the unread count appeared. I was away for several minutes, so I don’t know how long it actually took to update.

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That’s weird, it did for me when I tested it.