Empty trash can [#774, #611]

Is there a way to empty the trash? on RB6 there was a little icon next to the folder allowing me to delete the entire folder. I no longer see that. If i click on the folder itself, there seems to be no option that i can find that will allow me to empty trash. While I figured out the multiple select, how does one do a “select all”? in RB6 there used to be a empty check box on the column header that i could click and it would select all messages. I can use the multiple select feature if there are few messages but i have 40-50 messages in the trash, that function is not ideal.

The multiple select function only works on the messages visible on the page.

The steps needed are:

1- drag and select all messages on visible page.
2- page down or use mouse wheel to display more messages
3- drag and select all messages on visible page
4- repeat steps 1-3 for as many pages needed.
5- click the trash can to delete all selected messages

What’s wrong with restoring the trash icon, RB6 style?

There is no way to delete individual messages from Trash. One can mark one or more messages, but then the only choice is the ‘move to trash’ icon, which does exactly that: moves it from Trash to Trash. Which means no deletion.

Thanks for the feedback – empty Trash and Spam icons will be added, issue #774.

Check-all messages already added as issue #611.

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speaking of trash, it looks like all my deleted messages have been moved back into the folders from whence they came. Will the messages deleted in R6, eventually be deleted in R7?

Sounds like the index used in Runbox7 needs to update. It did not at a later stage?

Issue #611 (check all messages) is now fixed. We implemented this such that only visible messages are affected, since the list is infinitely scrollable.

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Thanks… working except…

As you said selects only visible messages. and i can page down and repeat the process and it will not deselect the previous selections. Which is great. The only problem is when i get to the end it will not auto select the last message even though it is visible. I have to click the check box on that last message to include it.

Probably mentioned elsewhere… any chance at getting a “empty trash” like in RB6 so i do not have to select all.


nathaniel: Not able to reproduce the check-all issue you describe in Firefox 59.0.

The empty Trash issue is already mentioned above and we will of course add that.

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