[Enhancement Request] Flexible preview pane [#739,#757]

The preview pane has only 2 positions (half and full).
It should be possible to set its height to any value, by moving the horizontal bar for example.

(Firefox ESR 52.6 on Windows 7)


when it’s in half, it shows only the mail header, and i’m not using a small monitor.

Thanks, this has been added to our list of possible enhancements.

  • Geir

I agree with this, a flexible size preview pane would be much preferred.


+3 Agreed… more flexibility of layout would be much appreciated. I’d also love to see a horizontally-positioned preview pane. Right now the preview pane is BELOW the message list. However, on very wide-screen monitors, or depending on window arrangement, the layout is currently not optimal and wastes a lot of screen space. I have large dual monitors so I prefer a different layout for efficient screen use. Many email programs have an option to put the preview pane on the far right. I definitely prefer that kind of layout over the list on top + preview on bottom design.


Thanks for the suggestion (one that I have had myself) – added to our list as a possible feature. :slight_smile:

  • Geir

i too agree that the possibility of adjusting the preview to the far right similar to Outlook or to keep it under the message list, but to have it flexible so i can have a bigger preview with less list of emails showing. When i have lengthy emails it comes in hand to see more on the screen at once.


+1 On this wishlist item. I’d also like the option to be able to keep the preview window open all the time and not have it open and closing all the time.

Although I fully agree with all the suggestions above, I’d like to vouch for the existing functionality here. Specifically, I really like being able to go from ‘preview’ mode to ‘reading’ mode in a single click.

I don’t think this precludes having options to resize the preview or its location. I just appreciate the dynamic behaviour of the preview pane in Runbox 7 (specifically compared to other webmail clients) and hope this isn’t removed to accommodate other resizing options or preference settings.

Flexible preview pane (#739) is now deployed.

  • Geir

Deployed, but with a vertical separator. :huh:
To get an horizontal one you need to click on an icon without tooltip, then to move the horizontal bar to the desired place.
This would be acceptable if the choosen position could be saved.
Unfortunately, every time you logon you need to do the same actions.
Annoying. :@

The preview pane location initially depends on the width of your browser window.

We have also deployed an update that remembers the preview pane selection.

  • Geir

Is it really deployed?
If yes, then it doesn’t work for me: every time I log out then log in, the bar is vertical and its position is the default one.
Have I to click on something to save these settings?