Error forwarding email

Hi guys.

I have come across a bug when I try to forward a specific email, browser gets stuck.

Managed to reproduce the problem with Firefox 66.0.5 and Microsoft Edge 41.16299.1004.0.

I tried it with other emails, but the forwarding only failed with it.

I can share the message with you, since it’s from a public newsletter.

Carlos Dourado

Hi. Thanks for letting us know about this. It’s probably best that you open a support ticket about this particular issue as we can then give you instructions on how to share this email with us if you still don’t mind doing that. It’s certainly a strange situation.

You can open a ticket at or I can open one for you using the email address on your forum account. Let me know if you would prefer the latter.

Hi Dave.

Don’t worry, I will do that myself!

Carlos Dourado