Exporting contacts

In the old Runbox Contacts there was a function to export groups of contacts to a CSV file. This worked quite well. In Runbox 7 Contacts I don’t see this function. Is there a way to export contact groups to a CSV file in Runbox 7?

Hi @ddoles, welcome to the forums!

Runbox 7 doesn’t currently have an option to export to a CSV. You can export them to the VCF – the standard vCard format. It’s not put in the UI yet (thanks for the reminder :­)), but you can get it using the API at https://runbox.com/rest/v1/addresses_contact/vcf

If CSV is something you’d like to see, we can definitely look into that too.

To use this contact database file on other systems they need to get into a CSV file. In Runbox 6 this was very easy, a one click exercise. I would like to have the same functionality in Runbox 7.