Feature Request - Ability to Change Defaults for Full and Half Height Message Viewing

While I may not have the opinion of all, I have a preference to view my emails at full height and not have a half-height preview pane. I was wondering if there could be an option to change the default viewing method, and an option to disable the preview pane (such as ProtonMail’s column and row viewing option) as it can be cumbersome clicking the full height arrow repeatedly.

Thanks for your thoughts on this. Preferences are something that we are going to get to as part of the Runbox 7 development, and it might be possible to have a larger window for viewing mail. Are you suggesting that you would close a message to see your mail list again rather than just click on another message?

I agree with c_whet. I prefer a full frame view when I select a message, even a separate screen. I do not like the preview approach and turn it off when I use Thunderbird. As a note, Thunderbird uses a separate tab when you open a message, and the Inbox becomes a tab as well. I like that.

Very happy to hear this is a consideration for the future. I prefer to focus on one message at a time and have more viewing space, even if it requires closing out the message to see my mail list again. Ideally, maybe “next” and “previous” arrows or buttons to quickly flip through messages at full screen, just like the current layout on the standard release version.

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I also agree with c_whet regarding messages on a side panel.

Also i would like to view all messages in HTML without having to select it every time I open a new message. I receive newsletters with photos which must be in HTML to view properly.

Thanks for your feeback!

The preview window is now resizable and will remember the size at least as long as you don’t reload the app.

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Hi everyone,

i’ve signed up to this forum just to request this feature.
I prefer to read the entire mail instead of a preview, just like the OP.
I’m very happy to see that i’m not the only one with this preference :slight_smile:

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If you click the full height button this is remembered for when you open other messages. So in a way that is the option you wanted? The problem I have when doing this is having to click on the Inbox each time I want to my message list, or shrink the full height view again.

Do you envisage the message list still being visible? One solution is to use the horizontal preview/column view and use your browser wider. You can then see folders and messages, and previews are also full height. Column widths can also be adjusted.

[quote=“Dave” pid=‘661’ dateline=‘1528980597’]
If you click the full height button this is remembered for when you open other messages. So in a way that is the option you wanted?
[/quote]Yes, that was the option i wanted :wink:
Thanks for your reply.