Feature request - Automatic alias selection on reply?

I would like to make a feature suggestion.

When replying to some email, would it be possible that the webmail automatically set the sender address to match same alias as the email replied to ?

I mean, if I receive an email to my alias superdonkeykong%99999@runbox.com: when replying, it would be great the sender match this address instead of my main address firstname.name@runbox.com

What do you think ?

PS: don’t write to superdonkeykong, it’s a dummy example :wink:


Hello @poule

Sorry for the delay in replying.

The interface should already do this. If it isn’t doing it for you please let us know via Runbox Support.

Sorry for delay too!
I just tried to send an email from gmail to someofmyalias@rbox.me
When I reply from webmail (runbox7), the “from” field is set with mydefaultaddress@runbox.com
I will add this on support as suggested.

Hi @Dave,

From what I understood from support (and I guess it’s maybe also you that answer to my ticket :slight_smile: ): this feature works if it was setup an identity matching the email alias

My feature proposal was to work with any alias, meaning all combination of alias/domain offered by Runbox.
It may be missing the Name/Firstname label to do this, but in such case if identity is not set, it may be used the email address as Name label.

The purpose is the following: Runbox offers a pretty nice flexibility with several alias & domains.
When I have to register on some (several) website:shops, forums etc…I like to use different aliases/domains.
This is a way to not spread same email everywhere on the web and improve somewhat my privacy.

It would be great, when replying, that “from” field match whatever alias/domain combination was used to receive the email, I mean, even without defining an identity before.

What do you think ?

Yes, that’s right. You do have to have the exact identity including domain set up for it to work at the moment as the interface looks for an exact match.

I can see what you are saying though and that being able to reply from any of the Runbox domains without setting them up would be useful.

Obviously that’s possible and the part of the back-end systems that checks whether you are using a Runbox domain and whether you are allowed to send from that address already does the required checks in case someone sets up an email program using one of our alternative domains.

I’ll check in to this further to see if the same systems are used to check valid addresses for the web app. I don’t think they are which means some additional work would be needed, but it’s worth looking at further.

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Hi everyone,
I’m wondering how do I edit my name so that when I send an email it doesn’t have my name@ (my email name and address) ?
I would think there would be an option in settings to adjust your display name.

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Yes, you can do this in Runbox 7 using the Identities feature here: https://runbox.com/app/identities

Hopefully that helps.