Feature Request - Contacts Display

I really do not like how the initial display of Contacts is shown. Personally, I would prefer to see a grid list of all my contacts and then show the selected contact in an adjacent preview pane. I could see a list of Contact folders on the far left, in the center a list of Contacts for the selected folder (just like in email - grid display), and a preview of the selected contact on the far right.

How do you get to see your contacts.
I have "added new contact’ twice but still get the introduction screen when clicking on Contacts.
Any help appreciated

That’s what I see too. I’d prefer them to display the same way email displays. For example, folders on the left (contact groups), list of contacts in the center, and active contact for view/edit on the right.

In web mail, on the menu bar, select contacts. A list of contact names show up on the left and the Welcome to Contacts pain displays on the right 2/3 of the screen.