[FEATURE REQUEST] create calendar events by selecting multiple days

Hi Runbox community,

currently it is only possible to create a calendar entry by selecting the plus icon for a single day in the month view of RB7 web interface. It it would be good and it would feel so much more intuitive if you provide the possibility to select multiple days by left-clicking a start day, hold it and move the cursor to the end day. By doing this you have selected a time-frame that should be transferred to the popup for creating a calender event. That makes it so much more interactive. This should also be applied for the week view and day view.

I also spotted the lack of possibility to create a calender event in the week and day view.

Thank you and best regards!

Hello. Would you like to create an issue for this at https://github.com/runbox/runbox7 or would you prefer us to do that for you using the text of your original message here?

Hi @Dave, as I do not have a Github account yet I would highly appreciate if you can create an issue for my initial request. Feel free to copy and paste all of that information. Thanks a lot for your effort!