Feature Request: Email Filter - Using Address Book

This is just an idea, not sure if anyone will think it is a good idea. My Inbox gets flooded with tons of email, much of which is not needed. What if there were an option to only include messages from people or companies that are in your address book and within your address book a field option for each entry to tell it what folder you want to organize the message into by default. If the sender is unknown it goes to {folder name specified}. If you want to see the email in your Inbox then the organization field would have {Inbox} for the folder name. Yes, I know some of this you can build rules to do, but rules take time to build and maintain and this would not. Thoughts?

I like this idea.


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You could probably do something similar to this with filters at the moment. All message sent from someone in your Contacts bypass the spam filtering, and the message is given a header that indicates the sender is white listed. You could use this with a filter to move those messages to a folder of your choice. Any other messages could be filtered to another folder where you sort through them.

You can also filter on a particular sender and send their messages to a folder of your choice.

The idea of adding an option to Contacts is nice as it would simplify pairing the contact with a folder.

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I am going to throw another suggestion out there along this same topic, and yes I know I can use filters, but I think this should be easier than using filters. Along the same lines as my address book suggestion is providing an option as part of the “Move” message tool bar to enable a user to move this message or all messages from this sender or containing all or part of the subject field to the destination folder selected. There could be an additional option to perform this for all messages in the Inbox. The filtering option is nice, but an easy way to organize messages would be huge. All of us get lots of emails whether they be from companies we do business with or friends and family. My Inbox just grows and grows because in the end most of us are too lazy or busy to organize our messages using filters.

I was doing something like this looking at the X-Spam-Status header for the value USER_IN_WHITELIST. This works fine for contacts in Runbox 6, but now I have moved contacts over to Runbox 7 that value doesn’t seem to appear.
I’m not sure whether this a bug, or the spam whitelisting for contact addresses is done a different way now.
I would appreciate any suggestions.

An example from an email from an address in my contacts:

X-Spam-Status: No, score=-5.2 required=5.0 tests=DKIMWL_WL_HIGH,DKIM_SIGNED,
SPF_PASS,USER_IN_DEF_DKIM_WL shortcircuit=no autolearn=disabled