[Feature Request] Folder Content Types

There are at least three folder types in email:


I cannot add my Calendar entries to the folder structure in Runbox because they’re converted to post format (they resemble individual emails rather than events on a grid). As a result, I have to place the folders in a stub account not associated with my Runbox account.

However, I can still edit Calendar events if I use CalDav Sync on Desktop or DavDroid on Mobile (which I can confirm works without Play Services).

Can we create a server side option that allows us to dictate what kind of contents a folder is supposed to have?
Example Dialog: overflow Menu next to specific folder > Folder Contains:
[ ] Post Items
[ ] Calendar Events
[ ] People Entries


Could you explain a bit more about what you mean by people, calendar and posts please? In email all folders just contain email messages. Perhaps you are referring to Contact, Calendar and Emails?

I don’t really understand what you mean by the above. It almost sounds like you sent up your calendar in an email program and you are viewing the calendar entries as emails.

I’m probably misunderstanding, so some more detail would be useful :slight_smile:

My Runbox Contacts and Calendar cannot be stored under my Runbox folder list because the folder list only allows information as “IPM.Post”, which is the default format for email entries.

The Contact and Calendar entries shown in this preview have to be placed under another email provider even though the service is not supported for ProtonMail. This forces that provider to take longer to fetch my mail because it’s attempting to sync folders for which it has no authority.

For example, the calendar entries appear as “IPM.Appointment”, which is suitable for events.
Outside Image due to Rate Limit
The Contacts folder entries appear as “IPM.Contact”, which is suitable for contact info.
Outside Image due to Rate Limit
I’m asking if such a distinction can be made server-side so that moving folders is easier.

I am going to attempt to seek a client side solution and relocate everything today and see how it goes as well.