[FEATURE REQUEST] option to add a signature when replying to a an E-Mail

Hi Runbox community,

currently it is not possibly to add a predefined signature to the mail body when you reply to an E-Mail in RB7 web interface. It would be good to have the option to select one of the signatures that already have been defined for the available alias names or at least to insert the signature for the alias name being currently used to send the reply.

Thank you and best regards!


Signatures should be added when you choose an identity from the drop down menu at the top of the message. Signatures are not separate from identities and so can’t be added separately to a message.

Signatures are added when you reply, but I’ve just noticed that a plain text signature is not added when replying to a HTML message. I’ll get a bug report sorted out for that.

Thanks a lot @Dave for having a closer look at this topic and for creating an issue on Github! :+1: