Feature request: Spam report email


I wanted to document a feature I have found useful with another email provider as a suggestion for Runbox.

Send a daily (or whatever frequency is required) spam report via email.

An email is generated that provides a list of emails (the list would contain the “From address” and “Subject heading”) i.e. a summary of emails that have been caught by the spam filter since the last report. This summary email would arrive in the Inbox along with other emails. I use Thunderbird via POP and this is useful in case an email has gone to the span filter that should not have (that I would not know about without logging into the Runbox web interface). I can then log into Runbox itself and flag the incorrect emails as non spam.



Hello @nr1 and welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the idea.

In your current situation you could use IMAP rather than POP so that you don’t need to log in to the web interface to see messages in the spam folder. Just as with POP, IMAP also allows you to move messages and store them in local folders rather than on the server. Also, moving a message from Spam to the Inbox (and vice versa) via IMAP also trains the spam filter just as it does in the web interface.

I hope that might be of some help.