Feature Request - Unread messages filter

I used the filter to only show unread messages, and that worked as expected. Once I selected one message and it was considered read, after a few seconds, it disappeared from the list. Technically I guess this is correct as it is no longer considered an unread message.
From a work-flow point of view I would very much like all messages to remain until I turn the filter off.
As an example… I have 5 unread messages, not necessarily all of them the newest ones. I want to read them, and two are from the same sender. I would then like to check both before replying, but as soon as I have pre-viewed one for a few seconds it disappears from the list, and I now have to leave the list to find it again. If I didn’t pay attention to the time stamp it could be tricky to find as it is now somewhere amongst all my read emails.
So, it would be great if the list that is created when I select unread messages only remains until I un-tick that filter so I can go though them and come back to them without loosing them :slight_smile:

Cheers, Mattias