Files connection

I use an FTP client to connect to files, the address format is ftps:// It works, except when I request TLS certificate then I get the following message - see atachement

Thank you for support

Hello. Yes, you need to accept the certificate and then you should be able to connect. The certificate looks correct.


Please read the first two sentences on top of the certificate!
Its rejected becouse of previous reason

If your FTP client can’t validate the certificate but you are sure it is connecting to the correct server there is usually an option to accept and trust the certificate. Attached are the full certificate details as shown in FileZilla, if they match what you are seeing as the certificate details then you can accept the certificate.

Hi Dave,
what I want innitially to say is that the FileBrowserBizz for iPad is not accepting the certificates even when bypassing the warning of not trusted certificate. As FileZilla work with the certificate the problem is in my app. Is not working correctly or the security setting is somehow pumped up? No idea…

Hi Dave,
the issue with the certifacate was now fixed in FileBrowser at least I dont gett anymore this warning message, but how to get your certificate into iOS12?