Filter into 2 folders simultaneously?

I am trying to setup a filter that will file a given mail into 2 folders at the same time. I am unsuccessful. Any suggestions?

Hello @popof and a belated welcome to the community.

Currently it isn’t possible to filter messages to two folders at the same time using filters on the server (although this is planned as part of future filtering improvements), but it’s possible in email clients such as Thunderbird by adding several actions that copy messages to folders:

– Geir

Thanks for the welcome.

Actually I did accidentally find a workaround that can file an incoming message in two folders at the same time.

The workaround is to create a filter that forwards the messages fitting a certain criterion to another email service that allows forwarding, e.g. GMail or other.

Then, in GMail, create a forward back to your Runbox account, where the message can be filtered using a different filter.

Not an ideal solution (especially if you are paranoid about privacy), but it works.