Finally decided to switch over and

…is “displayed contents of folder doesn’t match what is actually in the folder, and take forever to sync with reality” a known problem? Because I encountered this almost instantly upon first starting to use Runbox 7. Messages I deleted from a folder are still visible, and a new message in the folder is not visible. Except it updated for a second and the changes were visible, then they weren’t. Meanwhile, the changes are visible in Runbox 6 and in the Runbox 7 progressive web app on my mobile device.

Can you list the browser+version that you’re using?

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Firefox Quantum 69.0 (69.0+build2-0ubuntu0.18.04.1)

It eventually synced hours later at some point after I’d gotten up and left the computer running. I’m curious if others have noticed issues like this.

This issue keeps happening when I delete messages from a folder. Not 100% of the time, but often enough to be a problem.


  1. Delete several messages from a folder by selecting multiple checkboxes and hitting the trash can icon at the right of the page.
  2. The checkboxes will be cleared but the messages may not disappear from the folder listing. I currently don’t know how to force this to happen, so this step involves some luck.
  3. The messages are deleted if you double check in Runbox 6.


  • Looking at another folder and then back at the one you were working in may or may not clear the problem. I did notice some glitchy/slow behavior with the affected folder before it synced properly.
  • This is occurring in a folder with over 4500 messages.

@rodgoblin Thanks for reporting your experiences here. Can I ask which version of Runbox 7 your browser is running please. The version is at the bottom on the left under the folder column.

Runbox 7 build time: 2019-09-16T17:45:10.432Z although I just got an update notice today, so the prior one was probably a bit older.

This affects pretty much all my folders most of the time.