Firefox not rendering some emails

I have realized that some emails are not being shown at all when using Firefox, and that even includes the runbox community summary.

Using 89.0.2 (64-bit) on Fedora Linux.

I have tried it with Chromium, it works just fine.

Has anyone come across this too?

Carlos Dourado

I too am having that problem, so I keep ‘trusty’ old RB 6 handy, which instantly renders all emails. Seems odd that such a fundamental thing han’t been solved after all these years in beta…

…but in my case, it is something new.
I have been using RB6 from the very beginning, I would say, and I think it is the first time I am coming across such bug.

Carlos Dourado

Have you checked if there is any horizontal scroll?

In RB6, I used to receive an e-mail that appeared blank, but then noticed a scroll to the right, which brought the message into view.

Hi @FredOnline

There is no horizontal scrollbar whatsoever, just an empty screen.

Carlos Dourado

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It is not just Firefox. I don’t usually use webmail but am having to at the moment, and I use Chrome.

When I open the latest Runbox community forum summary email I get the usual “This HTML email has been sanitized…” and nothing else (Android and Windows). I find this less than helpful. It is especially odd with a Runbox-sanctioned source.

I know that the HTML-sanitization is done for good reasons but every time I come back to Runbox 7, this is the ‘feature’ that bugs me so much I have to find a new front-end client.

Should sanitization make the whole message invisible?
Can it be tweaked so that the user can decide to display a message even if elements are declared unsafe? Or just exclude those elements that really are ‘unsafe’?

I would really appreciate some leeway here.


We’re aware of this problem and still working on it.

The sanitisation may not be the issue here and could be a red herring as that message appears at the top of all HTML messages regardless. Apologies for the inconvenience and we’ll continue working on this.

Thanks Dave. Apologies for bugging you - I didn’t realise it was actively being worked on.

No need to apologise. It’s something that shouldn’t be happening and we need to fix it :slight_smile: