Fold sync delayed between web and mobile

I’ve been experiencing a delay on emails showing in the correct folder on mobile. I use the Mail app on iPhone 13 running iOS 17.3.1. Today I moved several emails from my in box to folders via Runbox 7 web mail, but on my phone the emails continued to show up in my in box for several hours, not in the folders I had moved them to. After about 3 hours, they finally showed up in the correct folders on mobile. I don’t think there shouldn’t be this length of delay. Why is mobile not syncing in a timely manner?


Have you checked that the app is actually syncing the index?
Below the folder list it should say “Stop index synchronisation” if it is in sync, and something like “Synchronise index” if it isn’t. I had a separate problem with synchronisation and the team have been great with support if you email them or raise a ticket via support site.

Thank you for the suggestion. I did check the sync status and mine has displayed “Stop Index Synchronization” consistently. The issue is persisting. I’ll contact support.