Folder List gone?


Hi all.

My folder list is apparently gone.

I did not perform any change, neither did I change my browser profile… and this is what I see:


If I press the “plus” button, it just asks me for a new folder name.

Now, it this a “PBKAC” (problem between keyboard and chair) or an interface bug? I have been using the new interface since its early days and never came across such issue.

If I use the “legacy” site, the folders are there… it is just that they are not shown in the new interface.

Tested with firefox 63.0.1 and Microsoft Edge.


Hello. If you stop the synchronisation of the index do the folders appear again? Have you tried reloading the page?


Hi again.

I have both, but to no avail, folder list is gone :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That sounds account specific. Just to confirm is it affecting the address associated with your forum profile here? I can get that looked in to and if necessary drop you a message from our support system to maintain your privacy.



I use my own domain, but I log into both Runbox and the forum using the same login.

I will be waiting for your feedback.

As an additional symptom description, the email notifications work just fine for emails which are sent to other folders than the one which is shown (inbox).

Carlos Dourado


I am seeing exactly the same behaviour on Firefox 63.0.1/Windows 10 and on the PWA on Android 6. I can see all my folders in the ‘classic’ Runbox webpage. Even if I create a new folder in Runbox 7, it does not show up.



Just joined the beta. First this to notice: no folders in the new interface on win10 firefox and on android firefox. That’s kinda frustrating.


Just deployed a new version: 2018-11-08T07:45:50.557Z

Found that some accounts did not have folders marked with type spam or trash (even though they had folders with those names). Runbox 7 assumed every account had folders with this type, and if they were not present the folderlist view crashed. Now it’s handled so that folderlist is showed even though these folder types are missing from the account.

Also in this new version is “Inline message previews” which you can enable by clicking the menu button to the right of the search text field.

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Just logged in, it says Runbox 7 build time: 2018-11-02T09:19:29.776Z
Nothing changed for me: 2018-11-08|189x500


How do I look at the picture i’ve attached above? I click on it and nothing happens…


Try to force a reload of your browser (Ctrl + F5 on Windows, Cmd + R on Mac) to ensure you have the latest version of the app with the correct timestamp.

To add an image to a message here, drag and drop it onto the message, press the upload button, or copy and paste it in.

– Geir


A little note on how progressive web apps update:

They don’t update when you reload/refresh your browser, but does the update in the background. So when you reload you get the latest cached version, but the service-worker will start looking for updates in the background and do the update if there is any. You will have to let it run for some time ( 30 secs or so ) before the updates are finished, and then when you reload again you will have the updated version.

In the future we could present a pop-up when a new version is installed, if that’s wanted.

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Also in this new version is “Inline message previews” which you can enable by clicking the menu button to the right of the search text field.

I must be missing something, but where is the “inline message previews” you mention?

Looking to the right of the search, I see plenty of options, but not the one you mention…

Carlos Dourado


There’s a button to the right of the search field as which pops up the menu as shown in the attached image.

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Yes, I’ve seen that button there with the options in our testing, but it isn’t there for me at the moment. We’ll need to look in to this a bit further.


We’ll have to wait a bit more then…no problem! :slight_smile:


Folders have appeared. The problem is sorted out.

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For the inline message previews you need to have the local index downloaded. That’s why people who are not using the local index are not seeing this option. We’ll look at a way to make that more obvious in the interface.



I have the same problem with Runbox 2019-09-19 build, both on my desktop with Firefox and on my Android phone with Chrome.

Is there a general fixup or is it due to my account?




Hi, I have recently hit the problem too on the Runbox 2019-09-19 build across Windows 10 (Firefox and Edge) and Android phone (Samsung and eWallet browsers). My Runbox 7 Webmail folder list has disappeared on all platforms. All is fine on Runbox 6 Webmail.
Like Christophe, I should like to know if there is any underlying general problem that will be fixed or whether there are account-specific issues that need to be addressed.