Folder showing unread message when all messages are read

I just opened a folder, read the one unread message, closed the folder and clicked on another folder. The first folder stills shows an unread message.


Hi @barry and thanks for your message.

Do you mean that the folder count in the folder pane didn’t update, or that the message itself is still shown in bold?

– Geir


I’m experiencing the same or a similar issue, where a folder shows an unread messages counter while there are no unread messages.
Build: 2019-07-29T19:39:50.916Z

I’ve noticed this a few times, though there seem to be multiple causes. Generally, a reload corrects this, but one time i had to disable/enable the index + reload for rb7 to correct itself.

It can be fairly reliably reproduced by reading a message on an IMAP client while having rb7 open in the background.