Folders do not show accurate list of messages

I haven’t been able to give RB7 a proper test yet, as it is completely unusable for me at this point. It does not show an accurate list of my messages whatsoever.

For example, I have a folder that shows there are 6 messages in it (which is correct), but when I click on that folder to view the messages, it only shows 3 unread messages that actually do not exist, as I read and deleted them days ago in RB6. This folder should contain the following:

  • 2 unread messages
  • 4 read and flagged messages

None of these 6 messages are actually displayed in this folder. It looks as though some of my other folders are having similar issues.

I will note that my folders are tied to a combination of filters and aliases so that e-mails sent to certain addresses are automatically saved in various folders. Not sure if that is part of this bug or not.

It’s possible that what is going on is that you have deleted these messages in an email client, but they haven’t actually been purged by the email client yet. With some email clients they don’t actually “delete” messages immediately, they “mark them for deletion” and then remove them when you purge those messages or often when you just close the email client. In the current webmail we show these messages crossed through to indicate they are still there, but are marked for deletion. Some other webmail interfaces just don’t show them at all.

We do plan to improve this.

Could that be the case?

No, I do not believe that is the case. I deleted most (if not all, I can’t remember) of them from my iPhone. However, they do not show up when I view the folders in RB6. They are not in the folder but crossed out as you mentioned. RB6 shows them in the trash.

The other part of the problem is that the new unread messages that RB6 shows in the folder do not appear anywhere in my RB7 folder. It’s like they don’t exist.

It’s almost like when I open RB7 it’s a snapshot of what my inbox and folders looked like several days ago and hasn’t been updated since.

Nd0721: Thanks for the feedback.

It’s possible the index of your account was created before some of the recent fixes to the indexer, and that it needs a reindex.

If you provide your Runbox username either here or via Runbox Support we will initiate that so that you may be able to test Runbox 7 properly.

  • Geir

This did not help. RB7 still does not show an accurate representation of any of my folders. It us completely unusable for me. In the folder listing on the left side, it shows the correct number of messages in the folders, but when I open one of them, it shows a view of the folder that is weeks old. I cannot see any of my new e-mails in the folders.

I have to continue using RB6 only at this point.

(Not sure what the policy is - i.e. whether I should start a new thread.)

I think I’m seeing similar type of “synchronization” problem on my account as well: it is most visible in INBOX, but happens also with other folders: when I turn on “Synchronize Index” in the V7 app, I see many old, already deleted or moved messages (they mostly appear marked as new; not all of them though; they go back a few weeks now). When I click “Stop index synchronization”, the mailboxes revert to the same state I see in V6 and through IMAP.

Perhaps also related to this?

For the record, I variously use all of: V6 interface, V7 app, IMAP (offlineimap on various systems) and K-9 mail on android.

EDIT: yea, I see now that I posted on the wrong thread. Apologies. Should have gone to one of the threads on “Message indexing” board. Apologies.

Welcome to the Runbox 7 forum and thanks for your message.

We are currently deploying fixes for the issues you describe, so please try to stop and restart synchronization again. If this doesn’t help, we can reindex your account to ensure that your starting point is correct.

You can find the forum guidelines and the Runbox 7 changelog in the forum Welcome, Guidelines, Known Issues & FAQs at

  • Geir

Thank you for the update - but I still see the same (incorrect) behaviour when I click “Synchronize index”. So could you perhaps try reindexing my account?

174763: Can you provide your Runbox username either here or in a support ticket? Thanks!

  • Geir

I suppose the reindexing is done now, because the index synchronisation works fine. I.e. when I click “Synchronize index”, the resulting INBOX view is identical to the “correct” one.