Forwarding and Marking All Emails As Read

Hi all,

I have started using the Runbox 7 interface and looks brilliant. Thank you guys. However am still struggling to carry out afew basic tasks as listed below.

Please advise on:

  1. How to forward a number of emails, say for example about 10 emails altogether? I tried selecting a number of emails but cannot see any option of forwarding them as attachments from one email that I would like to send out.

  2. Secondly, I tried to select over 30 emails to be marked as read in one particular folder that I have created a rule that places any email that meets a criteria to go to this folder. When I select all the emails within this folder, there is no option to mark all the emails as read.

Please advise.

Many thanks,

Hi Chet,

Glad you like Runbox 7 as much as we do!

  1. It’s currently not possible to forward multiple messages as attachments to one email so I’ve added this issue here:

  2. To mark multiple messages as read, check them first and then click the envelope icon titled “Toggle unread” to the right (no. 3 from the top).

– Geir

In the “old” runbox, we could click “all messages” and hit “read,” and be done with it. In the new runbox each message must be clicked individually.

If we click all messages and “toggle,” it toggles all the messages: the read ones become unread, and the unread become read.