Forwarding email from an alias - inconsistent results

I have set up an alias to use as a family contact - the idea is that this would be the email provided to our kids’ school, etc, as a single point of contact for our family. I then set it up to forward to my partner’s gmail account (I also wanted to forward to my own runbox account, but I wasn’t able to make this work). The idea here is that either of us could reply to an email that came through via the family address, and continue the conversation on our own email address.

I have a forwarding filter, where an email with “to” containing to the family alias will be forwarded (to my partner’s account). However, this doesn’t always work. Some emails come through with the “to” field set to something else (sometimes the main runbox email address, and once, the sender’s email address). Is this to be expected, and is my plan doomed to failure?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello. I think you can make your plan work. You are using the correct filter as the “forward” filter will forward a copy but also keep a copy in your account. However, as you’ve found out it all rather depends on what is in the To: field when you use that option.

Instead, try changing To: to Header because that will look for the alias anywhere in the header fields. If you are not sure what header fields are you can see an explanation here: Message Headers | Runbox Help

The alias will appear somewhere in the headers as it is part of the delivery process and so it should work regardless of what is in the To: Cc: or Bcc: fields.

Let us know if you get it working please :slight_smile: or if you need more help.

Hi Dave, many thanks for the response. I’ve updated my filter settings, will see how well it works now.